Other products

Grandfather clock tones

This is the grandfather clock chime integrated to the mechanism. Bronze or "airain" (an alloy of bronze with a lot of tin), this chime is sold to manufacturers of grandfather clocks or clockmakers repairers.

Molten bronze medals

These are medals for sports or agricultural competitions and medals commissioned by local authorities that they generally offer to their honorary citizens.


These bronze pieces made by the same handcrafted process are used to decorate a wall or a monument. Made from a model sculpted by an artist, they are then flat molded.


Every opening ceremony or remembrance ceremony has its plaque. Names are usually registered on them. They are mostly for municipalities and local authorities . They can also be made for associations.


This is a growing business for the Obertino foundry. More and more touristic cities put down these bronze plaques that are embedded in the sidewalks to guide visitors and stake a marked trail.
Signaletique bronzeSignaletique bronze

Hotel bells

Cloche d'hotel

These counter bells made of brass are available in 2 models.